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Composite Material Resonator for Strings
 ( for Double bass、Cello、Timpani、Viola、Violin )

    KaNaDe The Strings 1         
   φ100&50mm for Bass,Cello

  (Under sale)

 Special End-Pin for Strings1 
 Ti or SUS400 /φ10 or 8

  ( Patent No.3214407 )
  Ex. of attached

   KaNaDe The Strings 1 mini     
 φ50mm for Timpani

  (Under sale)
   KaNaDe The Strings 2         
   φ50mm for Viola, Violin
  (All Round)

   KaNaDe The Strings 2 Solo       
  (for Solo)

 (Under sale)
  { 50g }


Playing presence is produced you just play
at the best concert hall.

 ( Very Suitable for Double bass & Viola )


The tone of chord is amplified, so it'll be a pleasent ring.

・The sound of musical instrument will be widely spread
 without influence of the floor's material and
 the installation site.
・KaNaDe amplifies the sound from a musical instrument
 and the ring is made abundant. 

The sound mode difficult to ring can be made easily.

・It sounds beautifully without lowering tone in all frequency
・Called "Woolf" that is the scale of difficulty will be able to
 sound easily and naturally.
・As a result of these, you will be able to be played with
 a confidence. 

 ★"KaNaDeTheStrings " the works were joint development
    items with Mr. Haruki Iwaki who was a former
    Double bass player of Gunma Symphony Orchestra.
 ※ I prepared special End-pin for KaNaDeTheStrings1.
     It is possible to rotate with KaNaDe easily.
         for Bass               for Viola
        for Timpani              for Cello
                                 ✧Sales List --- List

Composite Material Resonator for Piano
(for Piano、Cembalo)                     

    KaNaDe The Piano 1         

 (Under sale)


Whatever any kind of place you use, concert hall sound will be obtained.


Tapping sound of a piano is emphasized, so a pleasant ring is obtained.

・KaNaDe amplifies the sound from a musical instrument 
 and the ring is made abundant. 

Transmittion of vibration to a floor is restrained.