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KaNaDeTheStrings General Monitor Test

  It is under monitor test whenever you try
  if you are proffesional.
    If you have any questions,
       please mail your comment by Japanese or English.

Profile of "KaNaDe" developer

  Mitsuru Kobayashi         
   I was born in Tokyo.
   By influence of a relative Misago Tadaaki of the Tokyo Cuban
   boys band who was the conductor, studied to play a guitar
   and a base by self-education from 12 to 20 years old and
   did a rock and a jazz copy band.
   And Japanese comical musician "KING" is my band mate.
   After graduation Tokyo A&T University, I worked in 
   Nisshinbo Brake Co.,Ltd for 33 years.
   I developed Non-Asbestos new brake friction composite
   materials for Commercial Vehicles (Bass, Truck).
  Friction materials for CV I developed were being used in
   Japan and market share is 33%.(Hino, UD, Isuzu)
   I and my team erected decrease  noise method.
   And I developed NA friction materials for Space Mountain
   Coaster of Tokyo Disneyland and Fuel Cell Bass, etc
   By using decreasing noise mechanism, I developed new 
   composite material for musical instrument and audio system.
   It was developed for 5 years by mixing and trying 2,000 times.
   And material patent was registered in Japan, form patent 
   is being judged.
   Business was transferred to Kanai Seisakusho Co.,Ltd of 
   specialize in fine polishing company.
   Musical boost new composite material "KaNaDe" was
   started 2016 in March.
   After that, I met KaNaDe user Haruki Iwaki who was former
   Double bass player of Gunma Symphonic Orchestra.
   We developed together KaNaDe Resonator for stringed
   Now Many countrie's musicians are being used KaNaDe
   Resonator for concert hall.
   And I have specialized in chemical and FEM analysis.