Your Audio & Instrument will be changed highly realistic sound
by my special composite material patent techniques.

     ・If you want to buy KaNaDeTheStrings or KaNaDeThePiano from Japan,
      please mail under the adress.
       (you---private customer for example professinal musician or playing in hobby)
   ・Price list (2/24/2020)
         The Strings1---€256+Sipping late(about€25)≒€281
         The Strings2+KUN-ShoulderPad---€124+€83+Sipping late(about€25)≒€232
         The Piano1---€413+Sipping late(about €25)≒€438

  (・But I'm not going to covenant with an overseas sales surrogate company for KaNaDe.)
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      Kanai Seisajusho has acquired a patent with the shape of made for the metal and
      the composite material insulator in Japan.
      Use without notice is punished based on a law.