Composite Material Insulator for Audio System
(For CD player、DAC、Amplifier)        

    Diameter φ50mm
   Thickness 13mm+felt
    (Screw size M3 or M4)

Help to reduce the vibration of power transformer and CD rotation,etc in the Audio Systems.

・We could help to go on clear sound not to mixing some
  instrument afterglow by coordinating the vibration damping
  ratio between plastic and wood to using special developed
・We coordinated the shape of under felt and slit. 

It will be changed high quality and realistic live sound.                  

・We developed sutable law materials and mixing ratio to
  resonate for some kind of  musical instrument's frequency
 ・So, we could help to go on clear sound not only realistic
  trueness but also non mixing.
 ・And our new insulator has a lot of micro voids like a wood.
 ・So, we could help to go on like a 3D live sound. 

 Side view seems like a black granite

 ・We grind side view by using special 3μm paper grinding
 ・As a result of this, it became good not only appearance,
  but also sound.

(Material Patent already resisterd,Geometry Patent already applied)

Vision:We concentrated effort on to get only acoustic quality.